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 Planogram Naming System

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PostSubject: Planogram Naming System   Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:51 am

I am trying to came up with a unique naming system for the planograms in Space Planning.
For example I want to use the following fields:
DEPT - Dept number
TYPE - Type of Planogram (R: regular, E: end cap, P: power wing, S: seasonal, T: tempo...)
S-DEPT: sub-dept number
VER: Planogram version
SIZE: size of the planogram (4', 8', 12',...)
RESET: (Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter)
YEAR: (13: 2013)

Should I put this in the Name field, the Abbrev Name or ID ?

Should this field has to be 11-digits or can it be more ?
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Planogram Naming System
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